You Are Only 4½ Minutes Away From Catapuling Yourself to Internet Success... With Outsourcing!

URGENT WARNING: Don't Think About Posting a Content Generation, Graphic, Web Script or Desktop Application Project...

Until You Take Advice From These Three Experts
With 32 Years Combined Experience
in the Outsourcing Industry!

  • How many times have you seen something on the internet that could be better?
  • How many times have you said, "I could make a fortune with something like that"?
  • How many times did lack of knowledge stop you from turning your conceptual idea into a profitable reality?

To make those ideas a profitable reality you need someone to actually do the "geek" side of things.

That includes programming, HTML, coding, copy writing, technical mumbo-jumbo, and all sorts of stuff that "normal" people have little desire to learn. For that, I've given you a step by step three-part "geek manual."

Outsourcing Expert #1: Ed Charkow

Our first expert is experienced with outsourcing of all kinds: graphics, content generation, and script programming.  He's run several membership sites concurrently, producing so more content than is humanly possible to produce alone.

Ed is going to take you by the hand and explain to you exactly why using affordable freelancers to make your ideas come true is one of the best choices you could ever make to grow your business.

He's going to take it a step further and teach you the "Geek Speak" that you DO need to know.  You'll also get access to secret resources for getting programming, design, and even content created efficiently and effectively.

One of the major facets of working in the Internet marketing field is outsourcing projects, scripts, and graphical design. However if you are unfamiliar with the process you had better learn how to communicate your exact needs be on the same page as the developers.

That is where "Speak the Geek: Outsourcing Work to Technical People... To Get Results Fast!" comes in.

Learn the terms, learn the process, learn the secret ins and outs of outsourcing your projects successfully. It will save you time, money and embarrassment when done correctly.

"I've had folks tell me it compares and is better than some $500 dollar courses on Outsourcing." – Edward Charkow.

Speek the Geek – what you'll come to know once you finish it as the freaking outsourcing BIBLE – covers outsourcing (where and why), example projects (and their pitfalls), as well as Mr. Charkow's handpicked resources to get the most bang for your buck with outsourcing.

You'll learn exactly:

  • The nine cardinal rules of outsourcing that you just can't afford to miss... forget any one of these and you'll be unhappy every time!  Hint: Price is almost NEVER a factor!
  • How to pick the best programmer and get EXACTLY what you ask for (complete with a sample project proposal), and how to spot the "hidden" signs of a great programmer after their VERY FIRST response to your proposal.
  • Four real-life examples of PERFECT, real-world project software proposals and three graphic design proposals, and a crash course in PAID CONTENT GENERATION!
  • Beware the programming "layaway" model... which can cost you 5 times as much money!
  • Non-disclosure and other non-cloning legal agreements and other contracts you will DIE without... fully included!
  • The biggest mistake a webmaster can make: Spending a fortune on: **a***cs! (Revealed inside the book!)
  • Recommended reverse bid sites to find talented, full-time hardworking freelancers and their hang-out spots (forums).  This is no directory, it's a hot-list compiled by one of the most successful internet marketing outsourcers.

Outsourcing Expert #2: Ben Prater

Would you like to see exactly how a former CTO (Chief Technology Officer) handles the wild-wild-west of Elance?

He bakes fierce loyalty into each project and keeps each project on-time, true to the spec and gets the same shortlist of freelancers clamoring to work on future projects with him... every time!

Presenting: A step-by-step dummyproof walkthrough with elance... or any freelance job board... Elance Secrets Exposed!

  • Picking a provider: Who fits your rubrick the best?  Find the best mix of good communication, time to commit, solid past projects, happy clients, and fair bid amount.
  • Instant Access to The "Add 30% Law" That Almost Calculates Your Budget FOR YOU!
  • Imagine How Poweful a Bulletproof Software Blueprint Would Be To Your Outsourcing Efforts... But what should it contain?  Features, user interface, user stories, and the datasheet... don't forget the datasheet!
  • It's Not Your Fault That Your Ideas Get Stolen... So How Can You Minimize Risk and Prevent It... For Good?
  • Starting Today: How you can use your blueprint as your secret weapon as part of your ongoing project review!
  • Buggin' Out: How to test your software so that you don't waste time later with customer support issues, and how to organize your testing with a bug tracking system.
  • The scientific process to resolving disputes if a project goes sour... immunize yourself against slow or poor communication, as well as "five-star bullies."

If All That Wasn't Enough, There's STILL More...

Outsourcing Expert #3: Mike Ambrosio

Finally, a script installer shares the easy "How To's" on...

"How To Install Virtually ANY Script On Your Web Site Yourself and Save Tons of Cash -- Today!"

You'll discover what script installers hoped you'd NEVER learn. Just how SIMPLE it is to install virtually ANY Perl or PHP script on your website.

Once you get this Incredible ebook you will have all the confidence to install your scripts yourself from that moment forward!

Once you read this step-by-step guide to installing scripts, you'll wonder why you've been paying others to do it for you. In fact, you'll be astonished at how easy it really is!

I've worked with Mike Ambrosio since 2002 (he was a licensed installer for one of the scripts I wrote – Lightning Track – INCLUDED in this book) and I met him in New York in 2007.  He's a super nice guy and he definitely knows what he's talking about.

Mike is living proof that script installation is super easy.

What caught my eye was his amazing "best of both worlds" style.  As a marketer AND a programmer, he can explain all the little terms and details about installing scripts in a way that's fun, that relates to ANY site builder.

Ambrosio's masterpiece – Install Your Own Scripts: The Mystery of Script Installing Revealed! – guides you through everything you need to know about becoming a script installer, including:

  • What is PHP, Perl, mySQL, FTP, cron jobs, telnet and SSH?  What are ASCII and binary modes, Zend, SSI, htaccess? Just a few minutes from now, you'll know it well enough to explain it to your grandmother!
  • Choosing Your Tools: What text and HTML editors to use, FTP managers, file compression utilities... and what the heck is phpMyAdmin?
  • Step by step explanations showing how to install basic scripts such as guestbooks, link trackers, and an affiliate manager. There is NO guesswork here. Mike shows you EXACTLY how it's done.
  • Slightly more advanced (but still doable) script installation steps, including password protecting directories and e-mail piping.
  • Jumping headfirst into the script install game: How to avoid getting taken advantage of as a script installer, what to charge and what Mike Ambrosio charges.
  • Setting up your site: What information to ask for SPECIFICALLY so you don't waste time going back to the customer with a bunch of questions.
  • Common stumbling blocks you'd only get from an experienced script installer: encoded PHP files, dot-forward files, cronjobs, limited database allowances. Save hours looking up easy solutions to these problems... they are handed right to you!

All Three of These Expert Products Are Included In This "Seen-To-Be-Believed" Outsourcing Package!

Don't follow the herds... stay one step ahead of them -- put your idea into action TODAY by delegating it onto someone else, while you get the site running and have your product launched in RECORD TIME!

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